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Harry Mathias




Harry Mathias is the author of the new book:



[This site is still under construction-check back with us soon.]

This site is about enhancing the art of cinematography &

improving  image quality in Digital Cinema!


While using today’s new technology in our filmmaking, we can’t lose sight of our cinematic art.

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July 16th, 2016|0 Comments

Harry Mathias is an experienced Director of Photography of feature films. He is schooled in the classical Hollywood movie traditions of cinematography and lighting and has collaborated with some of the greatest names in the cinema industry. His feature films have included drama, comedy, action, and special-effects movies. Harry Mathias was nominated for an Oscar in 1980 for Solly’s Diner. He is a pioneer of digital cinema, holding three film and digital cinema patents, with two more pending, but he [...]

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What Readers & Reviewers Say About Harry’s new book. 

“Simply put, Harry Mathias has done it again. The Death & Rebirth of Cinema solidifies Mathias’s standing as THE great translator of film-to-digital imaging technology. Just as he did with “Electronic Cinematography” 30 years ago, Mathias cuts through the web of misinformation and lays out a brilliant method to gain control over new and constantly changing imaging technologies without losing sight of the valuable lessons cinematographers have taught us for over 100 years. Harry Mathias has the professional experience, technological savvy, and artistic integrity to connect the rich, foundational knowledge of past photographic systems to today’s rapidly changing “technology of the month” attitude.” — William McDonald,
 UCLA Professor & Chair, Department of Film, Television and Digital Media

“Mathias covers essential aspects of the process, including image design, exposure, color timing, lens selection, lighting, and postproduction planning. He doesn’t include references to specific models of digital cameras, which become obsolete at the pace of technological innovation; rather, his goal was to create a work that would remain relevant for all future models of camera, as the fundamentals of cinematography will remain intact… He’s a patient, practical instructor, and his prose is clear and conversational… The author’s experience and deep love of film is apparent from the beginning, though, and despite all the changes that continue to occur in the world of film production, readers will come away feeling optimistic. The old arts, it turns out, have not yet been lost; they’re simply waiting to be rediscovered by a willing generation of artists.” Kirkus Reviews

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