It’s not just which Camera to use… Learn How to Master the Art of Digital Cinema Cinematography!
Really understand the new technology. It’s about the art of making images and what you, as a cinematographer, know about lighting and controlling digital images.

Whether you are a film Director, or a Director of Photography, it is both your knowledge and your art that will build your future success. But having ideas is simply not enough: You must be able to create the artful images that your vision inspires. And, to do that, you will need the methods and technical knowledge that is provided in this new book.

Everything that you need to know to make deliberate controlled images with any current or future digital cinema camera is covered in: The Death & Rebirth of Cinema: MASTERING THE ART OF CINEMATOGRAPHY IN THE DIGITAL CINEMA AGE,

by Harry Mathias, (Waterfront Press, Published Dec. 2015, ISBN 978-1943625147,