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In this new world of cinema technology, why should a cinematographer need a book on art? Because cinematography is a visual art form, and it is “Technology in the service of Art, not the other way around. “

No one ever chose to hire a cinematographer because they were good at technical things. But no cinematographer ever kept their job if they couldn’t master the new technology that permeates the cinema today. This book will teach you to do both. Learn How to Master the Art of Digital Cinema Cinematography! Really understand the [...]

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Revolutionize your cinematography! Read and use the new book “The Death & Rebirth of Cinema: Mastering the Art of Cinematography in the Digital Cinema Age”

It’s not just which Camera to use... Learn How to Master the Art of Digital Cinema Cinematography! Really understand the new technology. It’s about the art of making images and what you, as a cinematographer, know about lighting and controlling digital images. Whether you are a film Director, or a Director of Photography, it is both [...]

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Harry Mathias is an experienced Director of Photography of feature films. He is schooled in the classical Hollywood movie traditions of cinematography and lighting and has collaborated with some of the greatest names in the cinema industry. His feature films have included drama, comedy, action, and special-effects movies. Harry Mathias was nominated for an Oscar [...]

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